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Leroy Milton coaches creative entrepreneurs. Fresh out university, he had a deep desire to impact peoples' lives. His speciality is supporting leaders towards a deeper understanding of self through wellbeing, integrity and massive action. Leroy believes everyone has a story, a past that has defined them. But, we lock it away because it is too painful to face. Over time, this creates our destructive tendencies, habits, and way of being. He seeks to uncover our stories, support entrepreneurs towards a greater understanding, show them how to use it to push them to greater levels.

Leroy Milton is founder and creator of 2HelpfulGuys, alongside his partner Steven Farquharson. He creates Self-Help Sketch Comedy to introduce newbies to the world of personal development. He believes personal development doesn't have to be dark all the time. They use their light-hearted approach to breakdown serious topics, all while having a blast creating it.