Life Moves Slow, Until It Doesn’t.

March 25, 2017
In September 2016 when I quit my job, I was terrified just as much as I was excited.
I had a small amount of savings and quit my 80k/year job to pursue my dream of being a full-time coach.
Back then, self-doubt was running rampant.
As months went by, my savings got lower and lower and I got even more terrified.
How would I eat? How would I survive? Would I have to get a part-time job? Did I quit an incredibly high-paying job just to work at Wendy’s part-time?
All seemed lost. Life was moving slow. I got a handful of clients but still had existential money problems.
But now, I’m here. March 24th, 2017. Still alive. Successful by my standard and very very grounded in the love I have around me.
I didn’t know I could live this life. It seemed like an impossibility.
Back then, it was.
Now it all hit me like a sack of potatoes: swift, alarmingly and unapologetically.