Putting On Fronts

March 24, 2017

It’s easy to put on a front around people—hustler, healthy, aware, present—but what about when no one is around?


When I started going to the gym, I quickly became the ‘health guru.’ Friends asked me for advice and guidance. But behind closed doors, I was binge-eating and staying up late. I treated my body like a junk yard.


Then, I started priding myself on how present I was in my relationships. I put down the phone and gave them all my attention. But when I was alone, I would constantly distract myself. I would live in my 5-inch screen for hours every day, blind to the self-work, love and lessons around me.


It’s easy to put on these masks around people. In truth, I did it because I needed acceptance, love, and support. I still need all those things. But when I don’t do the same in my alone time,


I don’t give myself acceptance, love and support.


And that is when everything falls apart.